The Ciociaria area has much to offer visitors and can boast a pleasant climate both in summer and winter.

Nature plays an important role, with many valleys and high mountains set in the area's numerous nature reserves and parks, such as the Simbruini Mountain Regional Park, the Aurunci Mountain Regional Park, the Abruzzo Lazio Molise National Park, the Lake Canterno Regional Reserve, and the Regional Reserve of the ancient cities of Fregellae and Frabateria. 

There are also towns and historic villages of rare beauty, including Alatri with its famous Cyclopean walls still intact. The whole area is a wealth of historical monuments, and each village has something different and wonderful to see. The Hotel Astor Frosinone is also within easy reach of the new Rainbow Magicland theme park in Valmontone.

The fine local cuisine includes authentic traditional specialities, both sweet and savoury, often associated with local festivals and shows in the square.

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